[NOTE: once the report comes out in the next few weeks, I’m going to start offering consulting services for large organizations whose needs are complex/dauntng enough that they need individualized help]

Most of my work is focused on creating Makers All materials and tools that are free for anyone to use. But some organizations need more personalized assistance. I don’t want Makers All’s ideas to just sit on a shelf, so I provide consulting services to help you use these ideas in a way that’s tailored to your organization’s vision and context. Here are some of the services I offer:


Nonprofit Networks

Are you part of a network of churches, unions, or other nonprofits that wants to help the communities you serve create jobs and a good future using emerging tech? I can help your network build a strategic roadmap and a plan that starts with low hanging fruit and tests out your strategy using pilot projects. And I can mentor staff and/or manage the project to implement it.

I provide services to a wide range of government entities. Need a plan to help your city, region, or state thrive by embracing emerging tech? I can help you develop a roadmap. And I can either mentor your staff or manage the project to implement it. I can also help candidates running for office develop a jobs & emerging tech strategy.

Need a strategy for funding groups and/or policy work that gets our society on the path to ensuring every community benefits from emerging tech? I can help you develop a plan that reflects your values & goals and delivers results.


Democratize Your Tech
Is your company developing tools for augmented/virtual reality, machine learning/AI, robots, digital fabrication, or other emerging tech? I can help you develop a strategy for truly democratizing your tech that improves your bottom line and helps communities that are struggling. And I can mentor your staff and/or manage the project to turn that strategy into a reality.

Emerging Tech Strategy
How do you adapt your organization to a future dominated by emerging tech? I can help you develop a strategy that fits your organizational culture and a plan to test it out in a way that builds success on top of success. I can also help you develop your strategy so it benefits both your organization and communities that are struggling.